Highlighting that just making laws were not enough, he said that poverty and illiteracy are evident example of Congress’ misgovernance.
"If a gun license instead of a gun is shown to a lion, he is not going to get scared. In the same way just making laws for poor is not enough, their implementation is also required," Modi said addressing rallies in Rajasthan, which goes to polls on December 1.
The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate also slammed the Congress' handling of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation and said its government was neither visible at the Centre nor in Rajasthan.

Attacking the Ashok Gehlot government over "more than 40 clashes" under its rule, he said in Ajmer that the Chief Minister has not only lost the confidence of his party high command but "even Supreme Court, Rajasthan High Court and the Governor have criticized the functioning of the state".
Targeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Sikar, he said that she claimed that several laws have been made for the poor while speaking here on Wednesday.

"When Babashaeb Bhim Rao Ambedkar made the Indian constitution, was it to keep the people of the nation poor or to keep them illiterate. The Congress has not fulfilled its constitutional duties and responsibilities and has destroyed the country in the last 60 years," Modi said.
He also hit back at Gandhi for asking where was the Opposition for the last five years when her party was working for development.

"Madam, just as the nation is trying to find out where the central government is, we and the people of Rajasthan are also looking for the Congress Government in the state,” Modi said.
The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate accused Congress of doing politics of communalism. "They fear what will happen to Congress if the country becomes free from communalism, casteism. They do not hesitate from engaging two brothers or two states in confrontation, they work on divide and rule policy," he said.
Modi, who addressed a gathering of a few thousand people at Patel stadium in Ajmer, also blamed the Congress for Partition. He said that Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh were carved out from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh during the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and people in these states were happy.
"But the way Congress is dividing Andhra Pradesh is hurting people. Both Telangana and Seemandra are burning. "The party can damage the country and you need to recognize it," he said.
Drawing comparison between the BJP and Congress, Modi said that Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi feels that two thoughts and ideologies exist in India.

"Yes, two thought exist in India and I wish to complete what Shehzada has said. I begin from where he stopped," he said, while referring to Rahul Gandhi.
"You say India is a beehive, but we say it is our mother. You say poverty is a state of mind, we do not believe in politics of poverty and treat the poor as 'Daridra Narayana' (God in the poor and the lowly),” he added.
Modi further said, "Your thought is that money does not grow on trees, but we say money grows with the sweat of the farmer and labourers. Your thought is divide and rule, our thought is keep society intact. You believe in dynasty rule and we in nationalism. For you, politics is everything and for us national policy is everything.”
"Your efforts are for retaining power and ours are to save the country," he said, while asking people to decide what was in the interest of the nation.

Modi alleged that the UPA Government humiliated the poor of the country when it did not even listen to the Supreme Court and allowed several thousand tonnes of wheat to rot at railway stations.
"The rotting wheat was given to wine manufacturers at the rate of 80 paise but not given to the farmers," he alleged.

"Do you want to live the kind of life which you have been leading since Independence? Do you wish that you children face the same difficulties you have been facing since Independence under the Congress rule," he said.

Modi said there was a wave in favour of BJP and asked people to support his party.

"Make sure that the 'hand' of Congress is not left in any corner," he said. "I may not be visible to all of you present here, but I am in your hearts. I am with you every moment. I may be at a distance from you geographically, but I understand your problems," he told the audience.
Modi also dubbed Congress as a "poisonous party" and said its president Sonia had himself told Rahul that "power is poison". "They ruled for most of the time post independence, so who has tasted the poison of power? It is Congress which is poisonous and spreading it," he said.
Targeting Ashok Gehlot, Modi said it was apparent that he had lost confidence of his party high command when Rahul Gandhi chose to visit without him after Gopalgarh firing incident in Bharatpur in 2011.
"Yesterday, 'Madam' was in Rajasthan. She questioned where was the Opposition was for five years. Madam Sonia Ji, for five years we were searching the government of Rajasthan with microscope.
 "We were searching whether there is any government or not, and the government became visible only in the election year," he said.

Modi also cornered the government over the issue of inflation, and said that no Congress leader not even the Prime Minister has shown accountability on the issue.
"Congress stalwarts were in Rajasthan but none of them talked about inflation. They are so arrogant and irresponsible," he said.

He also brought up the issue of inter-linking of rivers in the country, saying had the UPA worked on the dream project of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, districts such as Sikar would have been able to produce more through increased irrigation facilities.
Modi also alleged that Rahul rode pillion on a stolen vehicle driven by a history-sheeter during his Bharat pir visit. Local party leaders including district president Rasa Singh Rawat and party candidates from constituencies in Ajmer district were also present in the meeting.


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