Touching upon the issue of development, Modi said both Hindus and Muslims should fight poverty together.

"If Hindus fights with Muslims and Muslims fight with Hindus, what will both get. No one will be benefited. Both Hindus and Muslims have only one problem that is poverty", Modi said while addressing an election rally in Domariyaganj on Tuesday, Uttar Pradesh.

"We Hindus and Muslims should unitedly fight poverty. We will fight poverty together. Politics of divide and rule have been played a lot. Now there should only be only one mantra-unite brothers, community, villages for development. Let's play politics of development", he said.

Lambasting Priyanka Gandhi's "neech rajniti" barb, Narendra Modi said people from the lower castes have been looked down upon and made to sit "outside".

"You can insult Modi as much as you like, you can hang him. But do not insult the lower caste...I was attacked and dubbed as a tea seller as if it I had committed a crime. Questions were raised as to how he (Modi) can run the country...I have sold tea not the country," he said in an oblique attack on Congress over corruption.

Taking a dig at the Congress party, Modi said those living in bungalows should realize that it’s due to the hard work and labour of poor and low-caste people that they are living comfortably.

He also sought the intervention of the Election Commission to stop such attacks on him. "Can EC take action? I don't know. They have their limitations (Unki majboori unhe mubarak...)," he said

In an attempt to pull youngsters in his fold, the BJP PM face said the country has now moved beyond caste-based and communal politics and the youth of the nation craves for development.

In an all-out attack, Modi charged that ancestors of backward communities have given their lives for "luxuries of the Nehru-Gandhi family but in return they were always kept out of bounds and insulted".

Earlier in a series of tweets, the Gujarat Chief Minister had hit out at Priyanka Gandhi saying, "As I belong to a socially backward caste, they consider my politics to be of a low level (neech rajneeti)."

"Some people (Gandhis) cannot see that it is due to renunciation, sacrifice and hard work of people of backward class that the country has reached to the present position," Modi had tweeted.

While addressing another rally in Maharajganj, Modi said despite being born in a lower-caste the motive of his life has always been ‘Ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat’.


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