Modi said on his official Twitter account that Priyanka had ridiculed his underprivileged background by accusing him of playing low-level politics.

“I have come from a poor background, therefore my politics is ‘low-level’ politics for these people (Priyanka and the Congress party),” Modi said in his tweet on Tuesday morning.

“May be some people might not be able to see the sacrifices made by lower castes, their bravery and the important role they have played in taking our nation to the top,” Modi added.

Taking a swipe at the Congress party’s misrule in the last 60 years, Modi said his so-called low-level politics has the strength to turn India into a powerful and prosperous nation.

“The height of this low-level politics would free India from 60 years of misgovernance and vote-bank politics and wipe down the tears of the common man,” he tweeted.

“My low-level politics has the potential to bring diametric change in the country and earn it a position as a powerful nation in the world,” Modi further tweeted.

Priyanka on Monday had targeted Modi for his speech in Amethi, saying he had insulted her ‘martyred’ father Rajiv Gandhi and people of the constituency will not forgive him for this.

“They have insulted my martyred father on the soil of Amethi. People of Amethi will never forgive them for this wrong act. My workers at booths will reply to this low-level politics. Each and every booth of Amethi will give a reply,” Priyanka had said on Monday.


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