Modi lashed out at the Congress which has hinted at the possibility of supporting a secular front government at the Centre to keep BJP at bay, saying such forces were trying to ‘destabilize the country’.

“They said BJP won’t get allies, many will leave but across the nation new friends have joined us. The Congress said Modi was only in Gujarat. Now, they are talking of unstable governments. They want instability,” he said.
Addressing a rally here, Modi said a stable government can only fulfill the aspirations of the people and improve India's image at the international level.
"I appeal to voters from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to elect more than 300 MPs from NDA. If there is a strong government at the Centre and if a new Prime Minister sits with the support of 300 MPs in Parliament then the world will listen to him. We can also deliver on our promises to the people," he said.
The BJP has fielded Modi from Varanasi to give a boost to the party's prospects in Uttar Pradesh, which gives 80 seats to the Lok Sabha. The party is also eying the maximum number of seats from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar which together account for 120 seats.
Modi said neither the Congress nor the Third Front, Samajwadi Party or Bahujan Samaj Party are inclined to form the government and are out to stop the BJP from coming to power by playing "tricks" and misleading people.
His comments assume significance in the backdrop of Defence Minister AK Antony hinting last week about the possibility of the formation of a fresh secular front to keep the BJP out of power.

"I warn the Congress. They are praying for an unstable government at the Centre. This is not patriotism. The government should be stable irrespective of who forms it. We cannot let this country be destroyed," he said.

"When they are unable to do anything, they are out to sabotage the chances of others. The issue is not about Modi or BJP forming the government, the issue is about forming a stable government," he added.

Taking a jibe at the Congress, Modi said the BJP has won alliance partners across the country.

"When BJP decided to make Modi its prime ministerial candidate, our Congress friends were bursting crackers, saying they will finish me easily. They also said as soon as Modi is declared as PM candidate, the BJP will be decimated and Congress will embark on its victory march. They said BJP will not find any alliance partners. But we got new alliance partners from Kashmir to Kanyakumari," he said.
Taking a dig at the Congress, Modi said they chant the mantra of poverty every time elections approach and treat all 365 days of the year as April Fools' Day.
Targeting Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over his remark that ‘poverty is a state of mind’, he said, "How can those born with golden spoon in their mouth know about the pain of poor? Congress, Third Front and others have accepted their defeat and so are adopting measures to check the formation of a stable government."

Terming Congress manifesto as yet another ‘Dhokha Patra’, which repeated many unfulfilled promises made by them in the past decade, he urged the people of Uttar Pradesh to vote for BJP and give chance to a ‘sevak’  to serve the country.

Modi said the Congress-led government had allowed grains to rot in godowns and had not distributed it among the poor even when the Supreme Court asked it to do so. He alleged that the rotten grains were later sold to liquor manufacturers at throwaway prices.

Asserting that both farmers and soldiers had suffered during the UPA's rule, Modi said the apt slogan for the government seemed ‘Mar Kisan, Mar Jawan’.
Speaking at a rally in Jabalpur, Modi said people of the country have given 60 years to the Congress and urged them to give him merely 60 months to prove himself.
"Congress has a negative mindset and are joining hands with the Left and the Third Front because it wants instability," Modi said.
Referring to the decline of the Indian rupee against US dollar, he said it happened because the country exports less and imports more.
"Why can't we think of increasing exports? Through value addition, a lot can be done. Farmers can gain, but the Centre is not bothered," he said.


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