Without directly naming Nilekani, who is contesting against BJP's HN Ananth Kumar in Bangalore South, Modi said, "Congress fields owner of crores of rupees. They make him a candidate. I want to ask the candidate what crime you have committed that the Supreme Court had to rap your Aadhaar project.”

"For the first time, I want to tell publicly. I asked several questions on Aadhaar project. I asked them questions relating to illegal migrants and national security. The government did not have any answer. It is a political gimmick," he said.

Modi said he also wrote several letters on this issue to the Prime Minister but he did not give importance to the suggestions given by a ‘common man’ like him.
"That is the reason why they had to face the Supreme Court's wrath. How long will you continue to loot the country's treasury? Continue to cheat people? You have to be on the alert on the efforts being made to spread lies,” he said in a sharp attack on one of UPA's pet ambitious programmes.

"This is the mood of not changing the government but the mood shows people's anger in their hearts," Modi further added.


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