Union Minister Kapil Sibal's remarks at the AICC briefing came days after Priyanka Gandhi had mocked Narendra Modi for his ABCD and RSVP jibes against Congress telling him that he should realise that he was not addressing primary school students.
Modi had said that Congress was faithful to the RSVP model, meaning Rahul, Sonia, Robert Vadra and Priyanka, the Gandhi family members.
He had also attacked UPA government saying "A for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors scam, C for Coal scam, D for Damad (son-in-law) scam ... this is the new A B C D... which the Congress adopted to introduce in a new book of alphabets for children."
Sibal accused Modi of lowering political discourse saying, "he was aiming to be the PM but even a municipal councillor would know better about use of language and maintaining dignity."
Releasing a number of photos allegedly taken from Twitter account of some senior BJP leaders as well as well from some district level leaders, Sibal said photographs of events in Pakistan, Palestine and Bangladesh were being shown on these twitter handles as occurring in India to communalise the atmosphere.
He said one of the accounts is in the name of Nitin Gadkari. Though it does not belong to him but the former BJP President has not sought action against the fake account holder. It has a photograph of Gadkari and shows a photo of burning of Indian tricolour in Pakistan as something that happened in Hyderabad.
He also referred to a picture on the Twitter account of the District President of BJP Minority Cell in Kheda in Gujarat Asma Khan Pathan, which had a tweet with a photo of burning of Indian flag "falsely claiming" that Bangladeshi Muslims burning the Indian tricolour in Assam while the actual incident had taken place in Karachi.


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