Ahmedabad: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday criticised Congress-led UPA government at the Centre for "not finding time" to ensure availability of fertilisers to farmers even as it is trying to hard sell the FDI policy in Parliament.
"I am surprised to know that FDI issue has reached Parliament, which makes way for MNCs to spread business in India...but the Delhi government has no time to discuss how fertiliser can reach farmers," Modi said while addressing poll rallies in different parts of the state.
"FDI in multi-brand retail will lead to closure of small grocery shops, and render small shopkeepers jobless," he said reiterating his party's stand on the issue.
Modi has been accusing Centre of "having failed" to boost the country's fertiliser production, resulting in up to 300 per cent price rise of this essential commodity for farmers.
"There is a serious charge against the Delhi Sultanate...They have failed in taking any steps to increase national fertiliser production in last eight years," Modi said.
"Not a single new fertiliser production unit has been set up by them (government), especially when the farmers are left with no option but to buy it from black market due to an increasing demand scenario," the Gujarat CM said.
In last one year or so the fertiliser prices have risen sharply as the demand has gone up, he said.
"DAP which was available at Rs 500 per kg in 2010 today costs Rs 1,250. Likewise NPK fertilisers prices have risen from Rs 425 per kg to Rs 1,175, a rise of 175 per cent in last one year or so, while MOP which once cost Rs 225 per kg is now available at Rs 1,000, a rise of 300 per cent," Modi said.
Alleging that Congress has misled farmers, Modi said, "Cheating is tendency of Congress which seeks votes in the name of farmers".


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