During an election rally in Valsad on Thursday, Sonia questioned Modi’s Gujarat development model and asked voters not to elect the forces whose ideology hinges on ‘hard-line’ thinking and ‘hatred’.

Modi hit back at Sonia, saying the Congress has already sensed defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“Time & again Gujarat has reposed faith in development. This time too, it will punish anti-development & anti-Guj UPA,” Modi said on twitter.

“An institution no less than CAG appreciated Guj's efforts to tackle malnutrition. Sadly Madam wants to play petty politics on serious issues,” he added.

The Gujarat Chief Minister also accused Sonia Gandhi of spreading lies.

“From dropout rates, debt to malnutrition in Guj, Madam tried her best to mislead people with incorrect facts. Thankfully, people are wiser,” Modi said.

“Fear of defeat is visible on Congress & that is why Cong is spreading lies. Madam came to Gujarat but even in land of Bapu she spread lies,” he added.

Accusing Modi of being concerned only about his chair and not the people, the Congress president eralier said the state has the highest dropout rate in the country and does not consider a family poor if its income is more than Rs 11.
"What is more startling is that those who earn more than Rs 11 are not considered to be poor by the Gujarat government. Tell me whether this is heaven or something else. They are only concerned about their chair and have nothing to do with the poor," she said.


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