Residents of Oberoi Springs, a complex in North Mumbai, claimed that they had written over 70 letters to various officials of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the state government since 2010, seeking maintenance of roads leading to their complex.

According to the society, the roads are in bad shape and there are no street lights or storm water drains. The members said that they had met BMC officials several times over last four years but to no avail.

"We wrote letters to BMC and state government seeking maintenance of roads leading to our complex. But none of the officials ever responded," said Prakash Mirpuri, former chairman of the housing society.
Mirpuri said that after failing to get response, the society then wrote to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on April 5, 2014 and at the same time marked a copy of the letter to Modi.

According to residents, while Rahul is yet to reply, Modi did. "An Under-Secretary in Modi's secretariat Prakash Majmudar forwarded the letter to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on May 5, asking for appropriate action for the benefit of the residents of the housing complex," Mirpuri said.
He told that the society members were delighted that their issues were at least taken note of. "We are delighted that at least somebody in political fraternity recognized the issues we are facing and felt it was important enough to be taken up with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra," Mirpuri said.

Society members feel that the response from Modi, who is now PM-elect, is nothing short of a ray of hope as far as governance is concerned. "This action from Modi while in the middle of campaigning gives us hope that all is not lost as far as (issues concerning) urban cities are concerned," he said.


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