"You will just see, there is a ‘Modi tsunami’ coming which is going to take Congress out of this country and might station them somewhere at Maldives or some island," the Punjab Deputy Chief Minister said.

Alleging that that there is political and economic collapse and the country needs a strong and decisive leader, he said "There is no alternative to Modiji."

To a question on number of seats that he expects for NDA in next year's Lok Sabha elections, Badal said, "Don't be surprised, based on ground realities there will be addition in NDA. NDA on its own will cross the magic figure."

"Today it is a matter of survival of the nation... For the first time I have seen clarity of thought in this country about who should be our PM," he said.

Hitting out at Congress for being "indecisive" and responsible for India's economic and political collapse, he said "Congress a party is not able to decide who is going to be its prime ministerial candidate, it is indecisive, I think today we have the most indecisive government in the history of this country."

To a question on whether his party is open to a national alliance of regional outfits depending on the outcome of the election, he said, "Whether BJP gets one seat or 500 seats Shiromani Akali Dal is going to be with them... ours is unconditional partnership."

He said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a good man but is "completely controlled" by the Gandhi family, which is "cut off from the realities" of the nation.


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