The BJP-led alliance leading in more than 272 seats, as per latest reports.

With Modi, who will be flying to the national capital on the morning of May 17, set to become the next Prime Minister, celebrations in the saffron camp have begun on a high note.

On May 17, Modi will travel to Varanasi after attending the meeting of the party's highest decision-making body and will hold a thanks-giving for the people of the holy town in the form of a major roadshow.

Modi is leading from both Varanasi and Vadodara constituencies. The Varanasi seat in particular is the central point of the general elections this time.

All the leads so far has suggest a demoralizing performance by the UPA government, mainly due to the 10-year anti-incumbency factor, coupled with a wave in favour of Modi.

The biggest shock of the results on Monday has been Rashtriya Lok Dal supremo Ajit Singh’s defeat at the hands of BJP’s Satyapal Singh, the former Police Commissioner of Mumbai.

Several UPA Ministers are trailing from their respective constituencies and the NDA-led government at the Centre is almost a formality now.


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