Less than three months after coming to power, he unveiled his ideas of development and boosting the economy, saying India should become a base for global manufacturing.
He came out with a scheme for financial inclusion of the poor by providing them with bank accounts with built-in insurance of Rs one lakh and announced an 'MP Model Village Scheme' under which each Member of Parliament will adopt one village every year and develop it.
In his 65-minute extempore speech in Hindi on the Independence Day, Modi asked Maoists and terrorists to shun the path of violence and join the national mainstream.
He denounced the growing incidents of rape as well as the practice of female foeticide while hailing the role of girls.
The Prime Minister stressed on eliminating the problem of open defecation by providing toilets, including in schools, in which corporates would be involved.
Outlining his economic agenda, he said that the Planning Commission, a 64-year-old Soviet style body, will be replaced with a new institution keeping in view the changed economic situation internally and globally.
"If we have to take India forward, then states will have to be taken forward. The importance of federal structure is more on Friday than it was in last 60 years. We will very soon set up a new institution in place of Planning Commission," he said.
Talking about putting in place a new structure soon, Modi said that it will bring in creativity besides fresh ideas, thinking and hopes by utilizing to the optimum level public-private partnership and youth power.

Under the financial inclusion scheme named 'Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yojana', Modi said poor families will be given a bank account, a debit card and an insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh.
The Prime Minister declared that he would like to run the country on the basis of consensus and not on majority in Parliament.

Planning Commission to be scrapped will replace by a ‘Think Tank’
Planning Commission was set up in 1950 to create 5 years plans for development
Formed by a resolution of the Government of India March 15, 1950, the commission started presenting the Five Year Plans from 1951 - disrupted a few times by the India-Pakistan war and drought
Former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was its first chairman, with Gulzarilal Nanda as the deputy and VT Krishnamachari, Chintaman Deshmukh, GL Mehta and RK Patil as members
Currently, the commission is overseeing the 12th such plan, 2012-17

Speaking from the podium without the usual bullet proof shield, Modi asserted that he was speaking not as the Prime Minister but as ‘prime servant’.
He made a special mention of the services rendered by his predecessors and former governments for the country's development.
Seeking the cooperation of all political parties and pledging to take their help, he referred to the Parliament session that concluded yesterday, saying "it was a reflection of our thinking and intention to move forward not on the basis of majority but on the basis of strong foundation of consensus.
"You must have seen that by taking all parties, including opposition, along we achieved unprecedented success. The credit for it does not go just to the Prime Minister or the government but also to opposition, its leaders and each of its MPs. I salute all MPs and leaders of parties with whose help we ended this first session with success."
In an apparent reference to recent incidents in some parts of the country, the Prime Minister said communalism and castism are an obstacle in the country's progress.
"We see violence on the basis of religion and caste. How long? Who is benefiting? We have fought enough, killed enough. If you look back, you will find that nobody has gained anything. It took us to even partition.
"I appeal that for the sake of country's progress, there should be a 10-year moratorium on violence, at least for once, so that we are free from these ills. We should have peace, unity and harmony. Please believe my word, if we give up the path of violence and adopt the path of brotherhood, we will make progress," he said.

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