The BJP leaders would talk of abrogation of the Constitution's Article 370, discrimination between Kashmir and Jammu and other emotional issues during their scheduled rally here on December 1, he said at a public gathering after laying foundation of Sangar bridge over Tawi river in Challana village in Jammu district.

"They will criticize all leaders right from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr. Farooq Abdullah for the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir to create hatred between Hindus and Muslims for vote bank politics as has always been their trait," he said.

Abdullah said everyone is aware that when the BJP is out of power, they raise sensitive issues so that the emotions of people flare up, but when in power, they never raise such matters.

"You should remain cautious about their designs of making Jammu and Kashmir a germination ground of communalism and hatred and give them a befitting reply by showing your unity and commitment for solidarity, communal harmony and brotherhood," he told the people.

Abdullah also termed the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) a "brotherly party" of the BJP which also thrives on falsehood and playing a similar card to divide the people on emotional grounds.

"PDP tries to find every fault in me... if the water rises in Tawi, drought takes place in any area, anyone sells medical seats or any political problem emerges in the state, PDP blames me because it considers me the biggest road block in their designs to mislead the people through falsehood and propaganda,”  he said.

"Though I am 42 years of age, yet they blame me for things which have happened even 60 years earlier right - from the time of independence. One wonders if they are  doing this under some spell," he said.


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