"It's a very big deal.  Different government, it's a different government now.  Just like it is here.  We will welcome Prime Minister Modi. He is going to get a welcome. Of course, he will get a visa. No question whatsoever. And we look forward to a terrific meeting with President Obama in September," Secretary of State John Kerry said.
He was replying to a question whether the refusal of visa (by the Bush administration) was a mistake as US government has done a complete turnaround now.
Kerry said that there was no gain in discussing the past. "We are going forward.  I don't spend my time going backward in politics or who made what decision.  What I try to do is solve current issues and Penny (Commerce Secretary) and I are here not to look backward but to look forward."
Modi was denied US visa after the 2002 post-Godhra riots under the provisions of a US law in connection with the killing of a large number of people under his watch as chief minister.      

Replying to questions, Kerry said that US would support India becoming a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and also the UN Security Council.

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