Be it the ashram of saints and sages, wrestling arenas, food joints and alleys, Modi is a hot subject of discussion. The Modi wave has not only sent the local issues into the fringes but also loosened the grip of caste-based equations.

“Modi wave may reap rich results for BJP this time but a direct contest between the Congress and the saffron party may make the things difficult,” says Rajesh, a shopkeeper.

The people of Faizabad Lok Sabha constituency, which also includes Ayodhya, are disillusioned with the BJP since 1999. The saffron party, which registered back to back three victories from here in 90s, faces a major test this time as the credibility of Modi wave is also at stake.

Besides, Uttar Pradesh Congress president Nirmal Khatri, who is an elected member from the constituency, also faces a stiff challenge as he will have to fight for his party’s credibility. At the same time, a number of Congress flags, which have been unfurled in Milkipur, in spite of caste-based equations give a hint towards the fact that the Namo wave will indeed face a tough time.

The voters are of the opinion that those who are relying on caste-based estimations will have to face disappointment. A similar scenario was witnessed in Ramnagar Bazar as well where a few Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party flags were also seen.

OBCs in awe of Modi

In Faizabad Lok Sabha constituency, there are around 16 lakh populations out of which 40 percent belongs to Other Backward Classes (OBCs). The effect of Modi wave can be clearly seen on them.

The electorates of Radauli are seeing Modi as one among them. At the same time, they are also saying that had Ramchandra Yadav got BJP ticket, it would have been a different issue.

The area also has a sizeable population of Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas and the position of Nirmal Khatri is also quite decent among them.

BSP candidate Jitendra Singh Bablu also claims to enjoy a favourable support of the Kshatriya community but the party is likely to be left disappointed by the community this time around.

Besides, there is a rift of sorts in the BJP as the party granted ticket to Lallu Singh, who lost the elections consecutively two times. Even the sages and saints are also not that happy over the party’s decision to field Lallu.

However, a holy man is confident that Modi wave will boost the saffron party’s prospects this time.

Nirmal Khatri’s credibility at stake

Nirmal Khatri faces dual challenge this time and apart from retaining his own seat, he will also have to live up to the reputation of being the head of party’s state unit.

Nirmal, who finished fourth in 2004, was successful in winning the elections in 2009 but this time, the Muslims are expected to incline towards Mulayam Singh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party.

According to local leaders, it would be a challenging task for the Congress to repeat its performance of 2009 this time.

Muslims silent against the backdrop of riots

The impact of communal violence, which rocked the Western Uttar Pradesh last year, can still be felt in and around Faizabad.

The ruling SP has got five Lok Sabha constituencies under its belt in this area, whereas Ramchandra Yadav is a sitting MP from Radauli. He also had to go to jail in the aftermath of communal clashes.

Besides, according to a local resident, the appeasement methods adopted by the SP have also marred its prospects to a considerable extent and this may polarize the voters.

SP candidate Mitrasen Yadav is taking the contest as a triangular one and to make the contest interesting, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s Mayuri Tiwari is also in the fray.


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