"Hundred days is too early to judge anybody. Because we are in the government we know it for a fact that 100 days is too early. So, I think the intent is there. It is very much there. But we have to wait and see how far they (Modi government) will deliver (going forward)," Telangana's IT and Panchayat Raj Minister K T Rama Rao told.

"We are in government here (Telangana) as well. We know in a transition, specially in a big country like ours, it does take time for things going. So while intent is there we have to wait and see. 100 days is too early to judge. I don't think we should judge a person or a government purely based on the first three months," the son of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said.

"When you are new to government there is lot of intent and lot of motivation to do good. But how far will you be able to execute and what methods you will adopt is something that will be watched closely," he said.

Asked if he felt Andhra Pradesh is favoured more by Centre compared to Telangana, a view held by some sections in the new state, Rama Rao said, "That's the question you have to ask the Union government. I can tell you one thing for sure that the support that Telangana should receive definitely has not come about."

Telangana government is disappointed with the Modi rule for having taken the Ordinance route to annex to Andhra Pradesh seven mandals which "rightfully belong" to Telangana, he said.

In July, the NDA government transferred seven mandals of Khammam district, to residual Andhra Pradesh, by way of Ordinance. It paved the way for construction of a national project at Polavaram in Andhra Pradesh which is a multipurpose project for irrigation, hydro power, drinking and industrial purposes.

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