The Wall Street Journal, in a news report titled 'Did Modi Just Take the Most Powerful Selfie in History,' said that the prime ministers of the world's two biggest countries "leaned on each other ...for what may be the most politically power-packed selfie in history."

It said Modi pulled out a smartphone during his visit to Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, "extended his arm and cozied up with Chinese premier Li Keqiang for the shot.

"That put two of the most powerful people in countries with a combined population of around 2.5 billion people—more than one-third of humanity– in the same frame with no official photographer involved," the WSJ report said.

An article in Forbes said that the selfie, which garnered 2,200 shares within two hours of Modi posting it on his Twitter account, is being "billed the selfie of the world's two mightiest".

"Modi and Li drive economic policy in their respective countries, two of the world's fastest-growing large economies," the Forbes article said.

PM Modi is one of the world's most followed on Twitter with 12.3 million followers. A tweet from news outlet CNBC said that "two world leaders just took the most-powerful selfie ever.

He was also the first world leader to use a Twitter Mirror, an exclusive app that produces autographed selfies and posts them to Twitter on his tours, it said.


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