While the Congress had won 404 seats on its own in the 1984 general elections, the BJP is set to win its highest tally ever with trends giving the saffron party more than 275 seats alone and combined with its allies, the NDA is set to touch the 300 mark.

The BJP has not only managed to regain its lost turf, like in the Uttar Pradesh where it has done spectacularly well this time around, but the saffron camp has also managed to open its account in states which were considered ‘untouchables’ for them.

For instance in Assam, which has always been a Congress stronghold, the saffron party has managed to make its presence felt in an overwhelming manner as it comfortably leads on seven out of 14 seats there.

The Congress party had won around 50 percent vote share in the 1984 elections while the BJP has so far managed to claim close to 33 percent vote share in the general elections, according to the official data on the website of Election Commission.  Its vote share in this election can still improve by the time final results are out.

BJP in 1984 could barely manage just two seats in the Lower House and it is incredible how the party has progressed immensely in the last 30 years.

On the other side, the Congress is staring at losing even opposition party status as it still has not managed to win the bare minimum 54 seats that are required for the position.  At least ten percent of the entire Lok Sabha seats are required for a party to projetct itself as an opposition in the Parliament.

In 1984, NTR Rama Rao’s Teleugu Desham Party was the second largest party with 30 seats, giving them the recognition of being the only regional party so far to become the second largest party in India’s entire election history. Whether Congress would emerge as the second largest party in this general election, it remains to be seen.

(Harshdeep Singh/JPN)

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