Ahmedabad, Jan 11 (Agencies): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi disclosed his plans of increasing the turnover of the kite industry in the state to Rs 700 crore from the present Rs 400 crore in next five years during the Kite festival on Tuesday.

The 21st International Kite festival was inaugurated by Gujarat Governor, Dr Kamla at the Sabarmati riverfront here. She believes that kites are a symbol of positive energy and seeing hundreds of kites flying in the open sky, in itself is a unique experience.

Over 100 kite flying enthusiasts from 37 different countries are participating in the Kite Festival. Besides this, 150 participants for across the country are also showing their
kite flying skills during the festival.

For the implementation of his plans and designing of new varieties of kites, Modi has sought help from students of design institutes like National Institute of Design (NID) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).
"Kite festival is connected with the poor people as it is they who make the kites which we fly," Modi said
"There was a time the kite making business was limited to Rs 30-35 crore annually. But since we started organizing the Kite Festival, business of this industry has increased to
over Rs 400 crore," he claimed.
"And in the next five years we are planning to make the kite industry worth over Rs 700 crore," Modi said.
"I would like to request the students of design institutes like NID and NIFT, to come forward and research on new kind of kites. People of Gujarat will make kites designed by them and sell it in the international market," he added.
Modi further announced that next year he wanted to hold competitions for best slogan, songs and films on kites.

The festival will also be held in Dhordo village in Kutch on Wednesday where enthusiasts would fly kites in the white desert, as part of the desert festival in progress there. Similarly, people would fly kites on the Mandvi beach in Kutch on January 13.