Party spokesperson PC Chacko said that while Congress condemns such violence like the bomb blasts in Patna at Modi's rally as there is no place for violence in politics, the fact also remains that Modi is engaging in ‘negative politics’ ever since he was named BJP's prime ministerial candidate.
"The Prime Ministerial candidate of the major political party, ever since his nomination, has been engaged in spreading suspicion and hatred through his utterances. The atmosphere is being vitiated by the negative campaign. Who started it? The basic thing is that the atmosphere has been vitiated", Chacko said.
"Such activities (terrorism) are happening in India, but such elements are getting an opportunity to operate in an atmosphere of distrust, that atmosphere is being knowingly or unknowingly being created by our own people," he said responding to queries whether he was suggesting that Modi's style of functioning is leading to a communal atmosphere in the country under which such incidents are taking place.
Replying to a question on whether he is linking the bomb blasts in Patna to Modi's politics, Chacko said, “It may not be directly related to that but one person who is vitiating the atmosphere the maximum is BJP's PM candidate through his campaign of calumny and hatred.”
Urging the Centre and state government to take all possible measures to bring the culprits to book, Chacko also apprehended, “Such acts may be diversionary tactics against the pro-poor agenda and development politics of Congress.”
He, however, evaded a direct answer on whether he was suspecting any political conspiracy behind it.
"Investigations are on. Jumping to conclusions, as many people are doing, will not help in this situation," he said and added, "Some parties will do any kind of communal polarization" that will benefit them but do not see the ‘lurking dangers’ behind such politics.


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