"Modi saheb gave lots of speeches during Lok Sabha elections that a lot of black money of the country is stashed in foreign banks.. by giving these speeches, you have alerted those who had deposited black money.." Yadav who was here for the first time after winning the Lok Sabha election last year said at a public meeting.

"You (Modi) said raids will be carried out and action will be taken.. soon after that the foreign accounts have been emptied," he said.

"Where has all the black money gone? Modi should tell, he must be knowing the names of those who owned those accounts.. he is not even telling the names of the account holders," he added.

The SP leader also hit out at the Prime Minister on the issue of employment.

"During campaigning, Modiji said that he will give employment to the jobless..has anyone present here got job through any of the schemes of Modi," Yadav asked.

Yadav who contested the Lok Sabha elections from Mainpuri and Azamgarh pointed out that despite winning 1.63 lakh votes from Azamgarh as against 3.50 lakh votes in the other constituency, he chose to keep the former seat as he had a long association with it.

After floating Samajwadi Party in 1993, he had organised his party's first meeting in Azamgarh and the party came to power in one years' time, he said.

He also promised to make Azamgarh a model district.

Accusing the opposition of deliberating on how to weaken the Samajwadi Party, Yadav said that his party is a movement and everyone should know its policies as socialist system is based on equality and prosperity to all.

In an indirect attack on Congress and BJP, Yadav said that Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt of food, clothes and other facilities for all in free India but as many as 60 crore people are still jobless.

"The dream of free India has remained unfulfilled even after 66 years of independence," Yadav added.

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