In split of second, Modi reads the mind of public and delivers his speech accordingly that earns him lots of accolades and admirations. His speech is deemed to be more of interactive session with electorates that can make his destiny.

Land of revolutions and literary heritage, Shahjahanpur takes pride for its glorified history. This city is old and nice, but when matter comes to development Shahjahnpur shrinks into a small town.

However moribund situation here, Shahjahanpur today wears happiness and glee as the city has rolled out red carpet for Modi who is going to address a rally.
Albeit Shahjahanpur market pulls down its shutter every Wednesday and Fridays, today also no hustle-bustle here as all roads lead to Modi’s election rally.

People are getting impatient as everyone wants to hear from his leader. Here comes Modi after two hours late and the noise of Modi-Modi reaches its zenith. Modi reaches stage, waiving his hand for acknowledging the audiences. People find themselves on cloud nine having had a glimpse of Modi.

Being his usual self, Modi senses the minds of his audiences. After finishing the formality of podium, his speech gets tuned to the needs of the masses. He strikes emotional chord and voters get swayed by his poll punches. His address is punctuated with Shahzade, Madam and Netaji that is cheered by clapping of people, which gets him poll dividend.

First he reminds them of sufferings owing to the misgovernance and later they are consoled with “Modi-festo”.  He promises that no matter the country is in bad shape because of 60 years of misrule but he will solve every problem in 60 months. Applauds and ovations of audiences are tell-all that people rely on him to the hilt.


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