"Doubts over Narendra Modi's statement on the patriotism of Muslims is natural as it does not match his or his party's character and hence it seems to be guided by his petty political interests", Mayawati said in a statement issued here.

"The behaviour of his party and that of its alliance partners has always been exactly opposite," she said charging there is a vast difference between their words and deeds and their attitude had always been ‘anti-Muslim’.

 Mayawati alleged BJP and RSS have always been accused of spreading communalism besides narrow nationalism and their morale has been very high ever since BJP came to power at the Centre.

She charged those occupying the highest offices, instead of discharging their constitutional obligations, have given a free hand to fanatical Hindutva forces.

Mayawati said that on one hand Modi issues statement on the patriotism of Muslims and on the other the students wing of his party and others "indulge in acts which create hatred in society".

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