"The Prime Minister's statement on foreign soil, both in Germany and Canada, has been in poor taste. It is clear that (Modi) carries a hangover of the 2014 election campaign,” said Congress spokesman Anand Sharma.

"He is talking on foreign soil to malign his predecessors and the present opposition. No Prime Minister of India in its history has ever done so," cited Congress spokesman.

Charging that Modi had painted a picture which suggested that the country was known only for corruption and scams before he came to office, Sharma added the Prime Minister had "lowered the dignity" of his office.

Sharma, a former Commerce Minister in the UPA government, said Modi needs to be reminded that he inherited a strong economy and a vibrant India. He also claimed that the country's GDP had quadrupled under the Congress-led government.

The last government had left a foreign exchange reserve of USD 310 billion and the country's exports had gone up to USD 315 billion. Throughout the period of the financial crisis, India remained one of the most-favoured destinations for foreign investors, he added

Taking an apparent dig at the previous governments, Modi said, "Jinko gandagi karni thi, woh gandagi kar ke chaley gaye, par hum safai karenge (Those who had to create a mess,
they have done so and left. We will clean it up)."

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