Cairo: Leading liberal opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has been named as Egypt's new Prime Minister to head a caretaker government, his allies and the anti-Morsi Tamarod movement said on Saturday.

Mena state news agency says ElBaradei met interim President Adly Mahmud Mansour, three days after the army removed Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi amid growing nationwide unrest.

71-year-old ElBaradei is a former head of the UN nuclear watchdog. He and other party leaders attended a meeting called by Mansour. ElBaradei leads an alliance of liberal and left-wing parties, the National Salvation Front.

In an interview on Thursday, ElBaradei defended the army's intervention, saying: "We were between a rock and a hard place."

"It is a painful measure, nobody wanted that. But Mr Morsi unfortunately undermined his own legitimacy by declaring himself a few months ago as a pharaoh and then we got into a fist fight, and not a democratic process," he said.


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