Shahid's Wikipedia page terms him as ‘one of India's best to have played the game’. This one line description of the Olympian justifies the many opinions resonating throughout the nation.

These remembrances, however, are a result of incessant reminders: The factor which renders them inconsequential.

Popular Hockey players and sports journalists who have covered Shahid have been calling out to the government, pleading to help the athlete who brought laurels to India.

Help did come; too much and too late! He had already reached a physical condition from where it was impossible to recover, and all of government's precious financial aid has gone back to the lockers which feed prides.

Shahid's contribution to Hockey can be measured by the fact that he introduced an entirely new technique to the game. His 'Half-push Half-hit' method did not exist in hockey player's repertoire or in the game's coaching manual before he introduced it.

However, none of Shahid's achievements or awards could save him from going into the darks of oblivion, and insides of his body became one of the many things which deteriorated over the years.

Mohammad Shahid was destined to die in glory, what with the intervention of none other than the Prime Minister of the country, but unfortunately, there are many Indian athletes like him who are still suffering and in all probability wishing that some angel turns up to provide the much needed succour in lieu of living and dying simultaneously.

By: Ira Shukla