“There is space for everyone ... environment, wildlife and mankind. It is only our mental block which sometime thinks that there is friction and I think that friction will have to end up with fusion,” Moily said after assuming the charge.

“There are already set, rules and laws laid down and we need to perform the duty of regulator. The rules of game will have to be strictly followed. As far as possible nothing should be left for the discretion. Ultimately, we have to go by rules of games which are laid down by the Ministry. He further said that he will not compromise on the green image,” he added.

Moily was given additional charge of the Environment and Forests Ministry after Jayanthi Natarajan resigned last week.

No files will be kept pending in Environment Ministry: Moily

Soon after assuming the charge, Moily said no files will be kept pending in the ministry. His comments came amid reports that Natarajan had to exit from the Ministry because of complaints from the industry that she was holding up environmental clearances to big ticket projects.
The Petroleum Minister, however, said that the "image" of the green regulator would never be compromised in the process of project clearances. "I am the one who is accustomed to dispose of the files by the evening. Not even a single file will be taken home and not even a single file will be pending unless it requires yet another (look)," said Moily, who met Natarajan at her residence here just before assuming the charge.
The senior Cabinet Minister also dismissed suggestions that there will be conflict of interest as he handles the portfolio of petroleum which need lot of green clearances from the Environment Ministry. "Everything has its space. Petroleum has its space.... every ministry has a space....Ultimately, we have to go by the rules of the game which have been laid out by any ministry. We should not cross it. There should not be any fear or favour while discharging the duties," he said.
On the issue of conflict of interest, Moily narrated his experience as Minister for Law, Corporate Affairs and Petroleum when he effectively dealt with such issues.


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