In the holy town of Varanasi, which is said to be abode of Lord Shiva (also known as Mahakal, God of death), there is a small hostel called the Moksha Bhavan or salvation house where people from all corner of the world come to die a peaceful death.

Moksha Bhavan comprises 12 rooms and a temple to pray for the priest.  Bhairav Nath Shukla has been praying for people's salvation for over 44 years. He can even predict the day when one is going to die.

But Moksha Bhavan has its own set of rules. One can not stay at this place over two weeks during which if he/she does not die. They are politely asked to leave.

According to a report, a total of 14,578 people have checked-in the hostel as of July 2014. While most of them have attained moksha, the others, who couldn't die, had to leave daunted.

By Madhurima Mishra/ JPN

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