The verdict of the Supreme Court in the 2G scam has come as a big relief to Chidambaram and the UPA but to assume that the battle is won is a little too much. This incident will continue to haunt the UPA until the higher judiciary gives a similar verdict as pronounced by the special court. How can the Congress or the UPA government ignore the fact that Subramanian Swamy is willing to challenge the trial court verdict in the higher court? Doing so is his right and no one should have any objections to it. It is exactly like the government approaching the higher court had the verdict gone against Chidambaram. The Congress should keep this in mind that the Court has only stated that there is no evidence against Chidambaram to suggest that he derived financial gains in the allocation of licences. In no way does this verdict suggest that Chidambaram made any effort to stop the allocation of spectrum licences. Why didn’t Chidambaram do so will remain a big query but one thing is clear that such questions will come to haunt Chidambaram over and over again. Especially because the government’s note states the fact that Chidambaram could have stopped the allocation from taking place. Is there any reply on this with Chidambaram, the UPA government or even the Congress party?

The Supreme Court order of cancelling 122 2G licenses reveals how important it was to prevent the spectrum allocation.  The moment the ruling was given the government got into a huddle to prove that all the irregularities in spectrum allocation were done at the behest of A Raja and no one else in the government is to be blamed. Does this then mean that the government had no control over Raja and he could do anything without the consent of the government? Undoubtedly the Congress is upbeat over the verdict but it is very strange that they are seeking an apology from the Bharatiya Janta Party and refraining to reply that who should be saying sorry for the loss incurred on the national exchequer and battered reputation of the country? If the BJP has to seek answer for this then why did the UPA took control of the government in 2004?