Jaitley said the BJP's eventual tally will be higher than the forecast of pollsters and suggested that NDA could even reach the majority figure on its own.

 "These large crowds at Modi rallies are bringing a clear message – the front-runner’s score eventually will even be higher than what the pollsters are capturing. If Modi’s ratings are over 50 percent, surely every state is impacted by it. I won’t be surprised if the last mile eventually takes care of itself," he said in a statement.
Noting that there are larger state groups, which have traditionally pursued non-Congress politics in states, Jaitley said the choice of aligning with Congress at the Centre either by giving or taking support is not a long-term option for them.
"These groups have to make a clear choice. They either align in Delhi with NDA or follow Congress option," he said.

Jaitly said the BJP-led alliance was seemingly the only viable claimant for power.  “If Congress is reduced to a double-digit figure, it would be a clear loser. It cannot be the nucleus of an alliance," he said.

Jaitley further said that the Third Front and the Federal Front have too many claimants.


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