The recovery of Rs 5 crore in cash from poll-bound Tamil Nadu is an embarrassing proof of the transformation of Indian democracy into a money driven democracy. The cash recovered from the roof of a bus is believed to be utilized for purchasing votes during elections. With the help of a vigilant Election Commission, Rs 30 crore in cash, gold worth Rs 5.42 crore and other items have been seized till now from Tamil Nadu alone. Huge cash has been recovered from Kerala and West Bengal also. There is no reason to feel elated by the EC’s watchful eye and agile action to thwart the use of money and power in the elections because the recovery of more than Rs 42 crore cash from three poll-bound states is a clear indication of the transfer of a greater amount of money into the pockets of the voters. This will happen in future also because the Election Commission officials cannot be present in every nook and corner of the state. Apart from that everyone knows the illegal method used by political parties to throw dust into the eyes of Election Commission and to get their work done by unfair means. This monetary means of wooing the voters to win elections is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on for long and all political parties are part of it. They very well know that the importance of the illegal use of huge cash in elections is gripping in but no one is willing to open their mouth. This topic will never be raised either in Parliament or in Legislative Assemblies because this would strip those very people, who are sitting in important places and expose them in public.

If representatives of Indian citizens who are also the spokespersons of democracy become adamant to break foundation of a democratic system, then its collapse is inevitable. It will hardly matter to any political party that the democracy for which they have been singing paeans is gradually transforming into oblivion. The political parties are ready to go to any extent to win an election. Actually, this is the reason why political corruption cannot be checked. If a noose is strangled around corruption, then how can the mission of winning elections by the power of money be accomplished? Ironically, the political leaders’ oratory on values and standards have become selfish and parochial. May be, this is why political-administrative progress has crumbled and electoral reforms too have suffered. Every leader will say that they are ready for reforms but never are they able to reach to a point of unanimity on the same issue. They may have unanimously agreed never to form a consensus on reformative measures.  A big example of this is the failure of transforming election related ‘Model Code of Conduct’ into a law. After all, for how long will ‘electoral reforms are necessary’ outcry will just be heard and not executed. If these reforms are so important then why aren’t these accomplished? Will an outsider come to execute and implement electoral reforms? The way a proposal has been submitted to allow a slight increase in election expenses has made it clear that the political parties are happy to live in an age of darkness and cast their shadow on the nations' integrity also.