Lucknow: South-west monsoon advanced into the remaining parts of Uttar Pradesh in the past 24 hours resulting in rains in several parts of the state.

MeT office said major amount of rainfall recorded in cms is at: Kakrahi-20, Lucknow, Pilibhit-15; Bansi-14, Regoli-11, Varanasi-9, Uttaraula-8, Allahabad, Balrampur, Neemsar-7 each; Turtipar, Rajghat, Gonda, Zamania, Gautambudhnagar, Chandradeepghat, Misrikh, Khalilabad-6 each; Churk, Katraniaghat, Salimpur, Basti, Deoria, Sitapur, Khurja, Nakur -5 each.

The MeT department forecast rain or thundershowers at most places and said heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places in the state during next 48 hours.


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