Shimla: The Himalayan region is expected to welcome this season’s monsoon in the end of this month. If the weather conditions remain normal, Himachal Pradesh would witness the arrival of South-West monsoon in the last week of June. This will be the nineteenth occasion in 21 years when monsoon would be arriving in June. According to the meteorological department, the rains are expected to be normal this season.

Last year monsoon had brought sixteen percent more rains than normal. It had arrived on 5th July in the hilly state and departed on 28th December after a long wet rainy season.

Rains that are good for farming and horticulture won’t disappoint this time as well.

Going by the predictions of the meteorological department, monsoons are expected to remain normal this time.

Last year, before the arrival of monsoon, the state had already received 126 centimetres of rain which was 34 percent more than the normal. This time too, the rain gods are smiling on the people of the hilly state.

Raining at short intervals in June have brought smiles to the farmers but have been a headache for the horticulture farmers. Fruits worth more than Rs 350 crores have already been destroyed due to hailstorms and sudden rains.

Having a brief look at the data of last two decades, rains have arrived only thrice in July. In 2000, they had arrived in the first week of June itself. This time, rains would probably arrive in the end of this month.

Monsoons have usually arrived in the month of June. Monsoon had arrived twenty-four times in June in last thirty one years while only seven times in July. In 1982, 1984, 85, 87, 91, 2002, 2010 monsoon had arrived in July.

Monsoon in last decade

2001 23 June
2002 4 July
2003 27 June
2004 18 June
2005 26 June
2006 30 June
2007 26 June
2008 13 June
2009 30 June
2010 5 July

In 2010, it had rained sixteen percent more in Himachal Pradesh, twenty-nine percent more in Jammu & Kashmir, eleven percent more in Haryana and Delhi while in contrast being seven percent less in Punjab.

JPN/ Bureau