Washington: As the end game approaches in Afghanistan, top US Commander has said that more Afghan troops could be deployed close to border with Pakistan, if the issue of terror safe havens in that country is not resolved.
"....If the issues of safe havens in Pakistani do not resolve in our favour one way or the other, we'll probably have to have a larger presence of the forces than anticipated on the Af-Pak border," General John R Allen, Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan told US lawmakers.
Responding to questions from US Congressmen, Gen Allen said the presence of safe havens in Pakistan continues to be a threat to the war against terrorism campaign.
His comments came as US is moving an entire infantry division into the eastern Afghanistan, where commanders feel that a renewed big push is needed this year as violence drops in the southern and other parts of the war ravaged nation.
The troops are to be moved in a mountainous sector that spans 14 provinces and includes almost 600 kilometres of the Af-Pak border. US military said that Taliban attacks in that region increased last year as they declined substantially in the Taliban heartland in the south.
Allen in his testimony to the Congress said that the Taliban initiative in the south comprising the Kandahar and Helmand provinces have been blunted, while Haqqani network operating from their bases in Pakistan were keeping eastern Afghanistan hot.