New Delhi: The crime branch of Delhi police has arrested two more people for obtaining Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) on forged documents. The two arrested have been identified as Captain Param Prakash and Captain Anirban Sannigrahi.

Since March 7, a total of 17 people, including three officials of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) have been arrested in Delhi and Jaipur for their alleged involvement in the crime. The list also includes nine pilots, found guilty of procuring Airlines Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and CPL using forged documents.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ashok Chand said, “Param, a resident of Palwal in Haryana, was arrested on April 28, while Anirban was arrested from Kolkata on Monday.” Chand added, "After completing Class XII in 2006, Param joined Kanpur Flying Club and completed his flying hours. He also passed the exams for air navigation, air craft engine (general), air regulation and air craft engine (specific), but could not clear Aviation Meteorology paper.”

The police official stated that in December 2008, Param paid Rs 50,000 to a agent in New Delhi, who provided him a fake result card of Aviation Meteorology paper. “With the forged document, he procured the CPL from DGCA on May 5, 2009,” he added.

Whereas, in the second case of Anirban, after completing Class XII from Kolkata joined the Kolkata Flying School in May 2007. The flying school did not have a flying instructor, and the institute was not entitled to issue Air Worthiness Certificate.

Chand said, “During the course, he could not fly for even a single hour. An agent had demanded Rs 3 lakh from Anirban, and he had paid Rs 50,000 to get the forged documents.” Anirban’s application for CPL was kept pending because of suspicion over his documents.