New Delhi: The intelligence agencies on Sunday alerted that the naxals may mount more deadly attacks in the days to come as they are faced with severe crunch of arms and ammunitions.

On Saturday, 13 policemen were killed in a landmine blast and their arsenals were snatched in Jharkhand.

Following the arms-loot, the security agencies have been put on high alert and security measures have been boosted to avert any naxal activity.

Faced with heavy shortage of weapons,naxals have also approached the terror outfit of Manipur Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) for the Rocket Propelled Guns (RPG).

According to the security agencies, the main purpose behind the recent killings of policemen was to loot their weapons.  The agencies are now investigating into the circumstances in which the policemen were sent to the village. Fresh information suggest that member of the gram panchayat informed the local officer on some dispute in the village and asked to visit the village to resolve the dispute. However, the police party dispatched for the village was ambushed enroute.

The interrogationsof arrested naxal leaders and the report of the secret department have revealed that they require at least 1,000 advanced weapons to carry out their violent operations. In addition, the naxals are planning to attack them from a distance for which they are attempting to procure a rocket propeller.

It is to be noted, in the midst of tightened security in the naxal infested areas and recent clampdown by central forces,  the naxals are desperate to add more and more to their arsenal.

(JPN/ Bureau)