Beijing (Agencies): The best high speed trains are set to chug across the Great Wall of China as the country is ready to sell its technology to other countries, authorities said.

'China is willing to export the high-speed rails technology to any country that wants to buy,' Wang Yongping, spokesperson of the ministry of railways, told the Global Times. 'We own the most advanced technology of high-speed rails.'

The statement came after British daily The Sunday Times claimed that Chinese-made bullet trains would hit the rails in UK by 2025.

The bullet train, unveiled in December last year, can run at the speed of up to 486 km per hour and are considered one of the fastest modes of road transport in the world.

The report said China's ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, met with British ministers to discuss a pact and convinced them that China could supply the hi-tech trains at a much lower cost.

Britain needs 120 bullet trains for the 30 billion pounds high-speed rail project that will connect London to other major cities, such as Manchester, in 2025.

The problem in the project has been the cost of trains from Western producers, such as Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom which is around 4 billion pounds, but Chinese trains cost only half that, the report said.

Wang, however, refused to comment on negotiations with Britain.