In what can weaken the standing of Centre, Union Home Secretary G K Pillai has said the emergence of right-wing terror elements in the country is a "cause of worry" but it does not pose a “big threat”. It has given a big jolt to the Congress-led government, which has been waging a campaign to create an atmosphere suggesting that Hindu terror has surfaced as a major threat to the nation. It is disappointing that top Congress leaders including Home Minister and Prime Minister did a somersault on the issue of Hindu terror. It is surprising the government on the one hand blows Hindu terror issue out of proportion, on the other the Home Secretary contradicts it, saying that right-wing elements are not that big threat. Pillai clearly said, it is a matter of concern that a handful of fanatics, hailing from different groups, are hatching plots and machinations, but they should be categorized as deviated Hindu fanatics. Going by the revelations in the Samjhauta Express and Malegaon blast probe, one cannot deny the role of some Hindu extremists in activities which have ruffled the social fabric and created dichotomy among the country’s secular set-up. But until concrete evidence is found and the court’s verdict comes out, they should all not be christened as potent terror threat.

The Congress must understand that playing politics with issues like terrorism and secularism, in order to settle political scores, could boomerang and bring losses for the nation. The Congress has not only passed with emotions of innocent people but has also given an opportunity to Pakistan to not take action against those who hatched the plot of 26/11 Mumbai mayhem. It is reported that Pakistan has stressed on sharing information about Samjhauta Express blast in reply to India’s demand of taking action against the conspirators of Mumbai terror attacks. The Pakistan government has even said that the Indian government has no guts to take action against the Hindu terrorists. It is only the Congress which is responsible for this aggressive gesture of the neighbouring country. Swami Aseemanand's confession that Malegaon 2006 was a handiwork of Hindu groups was extensively highlighted. Pillai has cleared clouds of doubt over Hindu outfits, which deserves attention of every body.