On Friday, during India-England crucial cricket match,  millions of rupees were being pooled  in every 40 seconds  from the control room,  which is close to the house of former MLA Parasuram Mudgal.

“Right now we are not in a position to reveal  the exact amount of money which was bet. The probe is going on and truth will come out soon,'' said Asish Rajput, a police personnel.

While sitting alone in the control room, kingpin Manish Tiwari manged to pass match information
coming from Mumbai and Indore to other 532 accomplices.
Bookie's modus operandi

Manish used as many as 532 mobile sets for running the racket. Sitting in Morena control room, ringleader Manish was keeping close tab on the money being transacted by middlemen who involved 10-100 punters. The bet used to be placed on each and every ball as well as other counts spanning from who hits a sixer or cracks a boundary or wicket fall. The bookmakers put their money on stake during the span of two deliveries.

Though the owner of house,Rambabu Tiwari, where the control room was being operated claimed that he was innocent but he is said to be under police scanner.

Revealing further details, SP Navneet Bhasin said  all the 532 SIMs must have been taken by using fake Ids. The police will register criminal cases against the SIM distributors also, he added.

The police personnel who busted the betting racket will be rewarded, the SP said.

The police said that Manish was arrested earlier in several betting cases. According to sources, he and his elder brother operate the betting racket from Indore. They have established few other control rooms in Morena and other parts of the state, the source added.

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