Jagjit Singh signifying his name has won hearts of people through his in-depth style of singing of ghazals. A ghazal maestro who was in grief and despair because of a deep feeling of personal loss in life continued singing with soul stirring voice for ghazal lovers and listeners. The purity in his voice has attracted many youths towards liking of ghazals. I think, the nazm of Mirza Ghalib could appear to people in better way after having been sung in Jagjitji’s melodious and composed voice. Many gazal lovers started liking ghazals of other prominent singers when they heard stress reliever voice of Jagjit Singh.

It is not hyperbolic to say that some students of any age and class used to listen to ghazals of Jagjitji for contemplation on studies. I recall the days when I was studying in Bangalore in 1988, I was staying with three other classmates in a hostel room, out of them two boys namely, Gurumurthy and Katta Bhaskar were South Indians who had never heard Jagjit Singh. I used to have a walkman in which I used to put a ghazal cassette of Jagjitji and listen to it while studying or lying in bed in night in order to avoid noise around me.

Of course they were fond of listening to jazzy and quite disturbing songs of south movies or pop singers. I was in all efforts to change their taste for music but in vain, so I gave them the ghazal cassettes to listen, apart from that I started explaining them meaning and sanctity of the ghazals sung by Jagjit Singh. To my surprise, this unique experiment of mine worked like antibiotic medicine and they developed immense interest in Jagjitji’s ghazals. Rather, they became great fan of Jagjit Singh.

I personally feel extremely sad that I would now not be desperate to find which new album of Jagjit Singh is going to come in the market but I satisfy myself with all the albums of Jagjit Singh, a legend of Ghazal World with me whose satiating voice has been a source of peace and creative thought for me.

Dr A Jha
Assistant Editor, Jagranpost