Released in an online survey conducted by an accommodation booking website, it has been revealed that travellers spend 50 percent more time glued to their smartphone than to their sunbed while travelling.

The global study of 9,200 travellers across 31 countries, reveals that while away on a holiday, the travellers turn into social media show offs, use mobile to search for the next meal and have Facebook face-offs with travel companions.

The survey further reveals that while on a holiday, 95 percent of Indian travellers spend majority of their time on Facebook as compared to other social media channels, said a statement.

Also, when you think of a vacation, you conjure up the image of spending hours relaxing around the pool, or exploring the sights and attractions of a new city but the survey says that the global and Indian travellers spend more time glued to their smartphone than on their sunbed.

On an average, Indians spend only two hours a day topping up their tan, as compared to three and a half hours a day glaring at their mobile devices. Also, the survey shows that 40 percent of global travellers admit to uploading photographs to social media just to show off and 27 percent admit to checking into places on social media just to make friends feel jealous.

Food is a very important factor for Indian travellers hence, most Indian travellers admitted that their mobile device was their primary source of information while away. When it comes to searching for content, Indian travellers search for tasty food options over top attractions with 63 percent travellers searching for restaurants and food market on phone.