But the drawback of cheating is that you eventually get caught, unless of course you are smart enough to get better of modern-age technology, in case of which medals should be the last thing to worry about. History is littered with examples of sportspersons taking banned drugs to 'enhance' their performance, or like in most recent Sharapova case, to prevent falling prey to a certain disease.

Let us have a look at some of these 'stars' which fell from the sky of stardom, being unable to resist the pull of disgrace.

Lance Armstrong: The biggest name of professional cycling was stripped of all his Tour de France titles, six of which were won consecutively, after his public admission of taking drugs at the famous Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Diego Maradona: Said to be 'Football's Mozart', the career of this Argentina footballer was anything but musical. It came to a sudden and unfortunate end when he was sent back from 1994 World Cup after testing positive for ephedrine doping. The ban was preceded by his suspension for 15 months on charges of taking cocaine.

Ben Johnson: 'The Fastest Man On Earth' for all of 48 hours, had to hand back his Olympic Gold medal in front of his sobbing mother after positive doping test. Interestingly, he broke the record of Carl Lewis, also charged for taking drugs.

Martina Hingis: Adored by Indians because of her wonder pairing with Sania Mirza, Hingis was banned for two years after she tested positive for cocaine in 2007, her comeback year. However, this didn't let her spirits down and she made a powerful comeback in 2013 as a doubles' specialist.

Apart from this, Russia received a huge blow when WADA handed a mass ban to multiple athletes on charges of doping, claiming that government assisted the process.

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