Mumbai: He may have two of last year's biggest hits in his kitty, (Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture), but Emraan Hashmi has surprisingly failed to win any nomination in two of this year's most popular award events.

Probably why he has now decided to stay away from award functions, unless he's paid to perform there.
The actor says, "Best of luck to everyone who wants to be party to it, but I find it an ordeal to sit through an award function. Anyway it's never on merit. I think most of the nominations are undeserving and I can't sit through the circus. Ultimately, the audience's verdict is more important for me. That's my trophy."

The actor is obviously upset about not being acknowledged for his role in The Dirty Picture which earned him accolades from the critics as well as the crowds.

He adds, "I may not be the darling of award ceremonies, but I'm the people's champion. I'd rather be declared a winner by the nation, than by a jury of a dozen odd people."

The actor seems to be following in the footsteps of Salman Khan who only performs at such functions if he is paid to do so or else does not even bother to attend.

Not just that, he also claims that award functions simply want to ride on the success of the film and nothing more. "It's the audience who makes a film popular. The award functions just want to ride on that. So if it's between a billion people and a few jury members, I'd rather choose the former."