A day after the UP Food and Drug Administration said it had found detergent in one of the milk samples of Mother Dairy, the co-operative cited the testing was done on 'loose milk samples collected at village level' which were yet to be accepted by it.

"The first test was conducted in Meerut by UP FDA and it found solid not fat (SNF) and there was no adulteration. We questioned SNF and sent the same samples for retesting to a lab in Kolkata, we are still awaiting the results," Mother Dairy Managing Director S Nagarajan told reporters here.

Mother Dairy stated the milk sample, which the UP FDA claimed to find presence of detergent, was drawn even before reaching the chilling centre where the first level of testing happens to ascertain the quality of milk for further processing.

"It is unfortunate that loose milk samples collected at village level which are yet to be accepted for processing at our factory has been attributed to Mother Dairy brand," he said, adding its milk was 'safe for consumption'.

Nagarajan added Mother Dairy has not yet got any official report of the tests from the UP FDA and was awaiting for details on the same. He mentioned Mother Dairy would take up the issue with Central Food Safety Regulator (FSSAI).

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