New Delhi: Moms' greatest wish for this year's Mother's Day, which is on May 13th, is a little rest and recuperation - ideally an entire day off from all responsibilities, new surveys have revealed.

PlumDistrict polled over 19,000 women and eight out of ten said they would prefer to sleep in on Mother's Day instead of watching the sunrise with their kids.

One out of three admitted that they secretly want to be alone on the holiday.

Forty-eight percent of moms who participated in an online survey for Ebates named a day at the spa as their number one gift choice.

Men, however, mistakenly ranked spa day as number three on the list of what they think their partners want, placing flowers and jewellery above.

When CafeMom readers were asked to contribute to a Mother's Day wish list, the theme was overwhelmingly the same.

"A day off from EVERYTHING," the Huffington Post quoted one woman as saying.

"Just one morning to sleep in! My 9 month old loooove being an alarm clock at 4 a.m.," another said.

Even Twitter users were in sync with the desire for a day of rest.

"No presents, just peace," @MelbHab wrote.


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