Describing as 'appalling and pathetic' opposition party's dig at PM Modi over his turning emotional while mentioning his mother, BJP accused it of becoming voice of 'untruth, malice and utter frustration' and wondered if it had become 'trapped in an inept leadership'.

"It was perhaps both significant and revealing that Congress chose to get personal in an extremely appalling and pathetic manner by commenting on the moving moment when the Prime Minister recalled what his mother had done. He is devoted to his mother. He touched her feet after election victory,”BJP spokesperson M J Akbar told reporters.

"This is quite in contrast to Congress where a mother has ruined the party and is trying to ruin the nation by her utter devotion to her completely inept son. It is this doting behaviour that has made Rahul Gandhi the spoilt child of the Indian politics," he added.

The BJP leader alleged that Congress was unable to bear the sight of Modi raising the prestige and prosperity of the country. With the opposition party questioning the outcome of Modi's tour, Akbar quoted the CEOs of top US firms like Apple, Microsoft and Google among others in which they had lavished praise on his leadership.

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