Allahabad: The mid-day meal scheme which has often been mired in controversy will now get a motherly touch. The Uttar Pradesh government has decided that now mothers will assess the quality of food being served to schoolchildren under the scheme.

Apart from monitoring the quality of education being imparted to children, mothers will now visit primary schools in cities as well as rural areas to assess the mid-day meals. They would give their feedbacks on a daily basis that would be recorded. For this purpose, two mothers will visit schools every day.

As per the new guidelines, the visiting mothers would also keep a tab on cleanliness of vegetables, use of iodised salt and ensure that spices branded with Agmark are used for cooking the food under the scheme.

The state government has also decided to observe Mother’s Day on May 20 in all the basic schools. Mothers, on this day, will be apprised of the schemes run by the Central and state governments.

Emphasis will be laid on asking mothers to educate their wards about cleanliness and food habits.

Moreover, a list of all those mothers who sell milk and vegetables in the market would be maintained and encouraged to sell these items in schools. School headmasters would have to buy them compulsorily.