Motihari (East Champaran): Where there is a will, there is a way. As the Sun’s rays cannot be shadowed by rains and storms, there are a few genius brains in the deep slumbers of Champaran who have invented technologies without any motivation or education.

The foremost example is Mohammed Saidullah of Dhaka Road (Hariyan Chapra) in Motihari. With not even a high school certificate, the genius has invented an ‘Amphibious cycle’ that can be driven on water and has also won him the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from former President and scientist APJ Abdul Kalam.

The other invention of Saidullah is a without-paddle, without-chain cycle and he is currently working on ‘Sano car’ on the lines of the Nano car.

Another genius Virendra Sinha, a resident of Belbanwa in Motihari, has invented a soot pollution machine which has won him the second National award in environment conservation category from the hands of President Pratibha Patil.

The knowledge of uneducated Bhola Mastan is a surprise for many as the intellectual has a vast knowledge about medicinal herbs and has been commemorated ‘Srashti Samman’ by the state government’s self-help group ‘Nav Pravartan Pratishthan’.

Another in line of great minds is Ashok Thakur, a blacksmith who has invented a stove which uses rice husk as fuel and earned great applause at the exhibition held in Delhi recently.

The invention of Sunil Sharma, a resident of Kartari of Chiraia and Kishore Pandey of Raghunathpur in Turkaulia are also very useful for daily use. Sunil has made a table which has a paddle underneath like a sewing machine that can light a bulb and a fan installed on it without electricity. On the other hand, Kishore has made a device on a tractor that is of great help in spraying fertilizers in fields. The field that uses 30 kilograms of fertilizer spray can be sprayed in just 7 kilograms of fertilizer by the help of his creation.

Similarly, Shambhu Prasad of Dharm Samaj Chowk of Motihari has invented a ‘dynamo’ which runs on rim instead of a cycle tyre. The specialty of this dynamo is that it can not only light a bulb but can also be used to charge mobile and listen to radio.