When you are passionate in your persuasion, you can brave all odds and reach the pinnacle of success, whether you are in your twenties or you have become centenarian.

History is replete with umpteenth examples of people having phoenix-rise in their lives, despite being long fettered with failures. Be it cricketer Sachin (15),  or Facebook launcher Mark Zuckerberg (19), or WhatsApp founder Jam Koun (35), or British Indian marathon runner Fauja Singh (103), they all dared to dream and walked the talk.
Here you can peep into kaleidoscopic accounts of people of different age group who became titan in their respective field:

It's not that only experienced person can achieve success. Now, let's have a look at those who were successful even in early age:

You must have heard that many successful people in the world were failures in their early life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was once a tea seller, multicrore company Reliance's owner Dhirubhai Ambani was a clerk at Yemen.
So, let's read the list of more people who started their early-age career as a failure:

So, if strong determination is in your attitude, no one can stop you from touching the sky. All you need is to have this attitude and no one can stop your way.

So, now even if the 'billion dollar idea or luck' has not stricken your mind till now, there's still time. You are never too old or young to achieve something high. Success can knock your door anytime. Wait and work hard for 'your time' to come.

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