The tattoo, an electronic microphone, is speculated to be a removable thin sticker. If the tattoo is fixed on the persons’ throat, it picks up sounds created by their vocal cords and directly transverses it wirelessly to the smartphone.

The tattoo will also feature a transceiver, a battery and a controller. The transceiver will be used for wireless communication with the users’ smartphones. It can also be paired up with other smartphones Bluetooth, NFC and ZigBee networks.

The patent mentions that the tattoo can also be used on animals with the help of a collar band worn around the neck. The microphone tattoo will work like a lie detector as well. The tattoo will pick up galvanic skin response which will then help tell whether the user is nervous. It might indicate that he or she is telling a lie.

This is seen as a huge leap by the Google-owned company into the wearable technology segment.